Friday, 22 March 2013

Happy World Water Day from the Canadian Rocky Mountains: What's your favorite mountain water photo?

What do the mountains have to do with the oceans? As Jean-Michel Cousteau pointed out over dinner one evening at the Jean-Michel Cousteau family camp on Catalina Island, many mighty rivers that flow into the ocean begin as drops of melt water on glaciers. So in order to save the oceans, we also have to save the mountains.

Here are my top 5 mountain water photos. What are yours?

Tryst Lake in Kananaskis: On a kids hike we discovered fairy shrimp in a frigid alpine lake.
Heart Creek in Kananaskis
Athabasca Glacier in Banff, Alberta
The natural Lussier Hot Springs in Whiteswan Provincial Park, British Columbia
The Point Backcountry Campsite on Upper Kananaskis Lake


  1. Love Lussier Hot springs.
    And the campsite right above your shot of the Point is the sweetest one there if I recall correctly.

  2. It's sweet, but you have to get there early to claim it. For some reason my boys' favorite site is the one right next to the outhouse. Go figure.


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